“ECLIPSE” (2019)

Print and Mounting: Fujiflex Print + Mount to Floating Gallery Plexi w/ aluminum brace - 40” × 37” (101.6 × 94 cm)

Available Here: https://www.artsy.net/artwork/jonathan-colton-empire-eclipse-01

Eclipse explores the light and colors produced when the sun sets directly behind the Empire State Building.

I have been studying the Manhattan Skyline for 3 years, watching the sun setting behind buildings, the magical light and color that it produces. But I was yet to see the sun set directly behind the @empirestaebldg, or capture it with a camera. 

My hypothesis is that when the sun set behind the Empire State Building, it would produce an insanely cool and a legendary glow. Every photographer imagines a perfect shot in their mind. And capturing the sun eclipsed by the ESB was my perfect shot. 

There are a few days per year when this shot is possible. Last September (2018) a week of bad weather made this shot impossible. On April 1st, I got what I had hoped for. The perfect eclipse of the sun behind the most iconic building in the New York City skyline. 
This work will be on display at @onishigallery 6/18 to 7/2.